SMSI in the Middle East

Posted on November 23, 2020 by Aaron Warwick

On the past several conference calls, Smith Micro (SMSI) management noted they are working on at least one deal for their SafePath product with a carrier in the Middle East. We recently found out that one such carrier is the telecom giant, Ooredoo. In fact, Ooredoo has a website up displaying a yet-to-be-unveiled product, Safe & Sound: Ooredoo Safe & Sound ( When you click on the Google Play link it takes you to the SMSI SafePath app.

What do we know about this potential deal? Well, right now, it appears the deal will be rolled out only in Oman. The thought is that SMSI and Ooredoo will work on that area, and hope to eventually expand to other countries. In Oman, Ooredoo has around 3M subscribers. In total, though, Ooredoo has well over 100M subscribers worldwide. So although this initial project with Ooredoo is not huge, the upside is very large.

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