Covid Causing the Opposite of a Baby Boom

Posted on December 6, 2020 by Scott Shuda

We’ve all heard stories about birth spikes nine months after blizzards or major blackouts, when couples are cooped up together. Apparently, those stories tend not to hold up to statistical examination. Developed economy parents these days instead seem to have achieved pretty good control over the timing of their family planning decisions.

And Covid has caused many American couples to hold off on making babies. A recent Brookings Institution report projects that 300,000 to 500,000 fewer babies will be born in the United States next year as a result of the pandemic. Birth rates in the United States were already in steady decline before the pandemic, but the latest projection is a steep drop from the 3.7 million babies born in 2019, which was 1% lower than in 2018.

This is important news for childcare product companies, including Breakout Investor Featured company, Summer Infant. Investors in our network have had a great ride up this year, after correctly identifying the hiring of turnaround specialist, Stuart Noyes, as Interim CEO in December 2019.

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