Gatekeeper Systems Shines With Record Results for FY 2020

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Aaron Warwick

Gatekeeper Systems (GSI.V or GKPRF), a video and data solutions provider for public transportation and smart cities, today announced a record fiscal 2020. Revenue for the year ended August 31, 2020, was $20.3M, a whopping 48% higher than the previous fiscal year. Likewise, net income reached a record level of $3.5M, an increase of 1,337% over the prior year. EPS was $0.04/share. The company highlighted several key initiatives in the press release that led to the explosive growth, and which they believe will help them continue to grow in the future, including: their Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”) Business Model; NTSB Compliant Digital Video Recorders; and Annually Recurring Video Services.

Evidently expecting good news from the company, shares traded up at the close both on the Toronto exchange (+12%) and the American OTC (+9%).

Disclosure: I am long GKPRF.

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