Has Bill Smith Promised Too Much? Or….

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Florian Buschek

After an incredible run from the $3.50 to $4.00 level SMSI (disclosure: long) seems to have peaked for now at $5.80.

Investors are waiting for announcements of new customers or contracts, up to three of which were promised on the last call:

Eric Martinuzzi

And then lastly, I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement of those new customers, you’ve talked pretty confidently about at least a couple in the next 30 days, perhaps a third one by year end. Do you recommit to that same number of carrier, new customer signings in 2020?

Bill Smith

That’s our game plan.

Bill Smith

I don’t think you’re going to have to wait a long time to learn about it. So stay safe John [ph] and we’ll get some things into public hands via formal releases.

Now that last bit refers to SafePath features and you could argue that Bill has delivered on that with SafePath® Drive. The question remains about new customers. So has Bill promised too much…or can he just not officially announce it? We know that these announcements are completely in the hands of the carriers. Bill has not promised PRs but new signings, so technically there is a difference. A CEO should not rely on such subtleties in his communication, but for us long term investors, absence of a PR announcing a deal is not the same as absence of a deal.

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