HUMBL, Inc. (TSNP) Hosts Zoom Investor Call

Posted on December 9, 2020 by Brad Steveson

HUMBL CEO Brian Foote held an investor call beginning at 5pm ET on 12/9/20.  You can see the replay here >> Investor Call | HUMBL (  I previously wrote about the HUMBL, Inc story here >> HUMBL, Inc. Reminds me to be Humble – Breakout Investors  George Sharp introduced the CEO Brian Foote.  As far as I can find from my research, George Sharp has a good reputation in the OTC markets. He has a reputation for going after bad actors on behalf of shareholders and rarely agrees to consult with an OTC company. He is consulting with HUMBL, Inc and he opened with a lot of positive things to say, including a very bold statement indicating that he thinks HUMBL will bring credibility to the OTC markets as a viable route for a public company. 

CEO Brian Foote talked for about 45 minutes introducing HUMBL, Inc. and their products. He discussed his plans and vision for the future.  He spoke about building what he called “web 3” (read, write, transact).  Brian was not shy about articulating big plans and big vision for HUMBL Inc’s future, comparing them throughout the call to companies like PayPal, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Alibaba in a way that was believable. He gave the impression that he knows why the company exists and where it is going and that he plans to get there.

He also laid out the specific growth strategy over for the next 5 quarters as follows: 

As Brian himself said, this is very early in the start up phase of this company, but he hopes to be the first blue chip tech company built on Zoom. This is a company that I will be watching closely.  I believe it is a good story and a rare opportunity, if you don’t mind the risk, to be an early investor in a tech start up with this kind of potential.

Disclosure: I am long and I may buy or sell shares within the next 72 hours.

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