Investors “Holding on Station” at TPCS

Posted on December 11, 2020 by Scott Shuda

It has been almost two months since Techprecision Corporation (TPCS) issued a press release announcing, “a definitive agreement to purchase STADCO,” a privately-held company based in California. Like TPCS, STADCO specializes in the precision fabrication of parts used in the defense industry. Where TPCS is lately focused on the Navy and specifically nuclear submarines, STADCO is lately focused on defense opportunities relating to aerospace and helicopters.

Member posts on the STADCO opportunity are generally positive – the deal would bring scale, skilled workers and a whole new pipeline of business opportunity. But, as is characteristic of TPCS, management and the board have left investors in the dark about developments – and many posts are reflecting impatience and the lack of any business update.

Disclosure: I am long and have no current plans to buy or sell TPCS shares.

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