LUVU’s LD Micro Update – Quiet Execution

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Brad Steveson

LUVU Brands (LUVU) CEO Louis Friedman provided a presentation on Monday afternoon at the LD Micro Main Event.

He discussed the fact that LUVU brands continues to produce sales growth and announced that the company was expanding their production capacity due to increased demand.

He highlighted the company’s diverse brand portfolio and discussed that the company’s growth strategy included product expansion in these three brands:

Liberator bedroom adventure
gear® is an iconic brand of
products for enhancing sensuality
and intimacy

Jaxx® is a diverse range eco-friendly
casual fashion daybeds, sofas and
beanbags made from re-purposed
and virgin polyurethane foam

Avana® inclined bed therapy
products help relieve medical
conditions associated with acid
reflux, surgery recovery and
chronic pain. Recently added
medical gowns and masks.

Mr. Friedman provided a brief financial review, where he highlighted 8% revenue improvement and 167% EBIDTA improvement year over year for 2020. He also reported the past 2 quarters with revenue growth over 30% and described the company as “on fire” and “very busy”.

LUVU is trading at about 9c per share right now, but when I model out the company’s current growth pace, I see a stock that should trade well above 20c. I believe this is a largely ignored or undiscovered company due to it’s status as a small OTC stock. At the current price it deserves a look. It would not surprise me to see this trade much higher as the company continues to report improving financials in the coming quarters.

Disclosure: No position, and I may buy shares within the next 72 hours.

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