IRIDEX Announces Strategic Collaboration

Posted on March 2, 2021 by Scott Shuda

At the market close today, Iridex Corporation (IRIX), a provider of ophthalmic laser-based medical products for the treatment of glaucoma and retinal diseases, announced a major deal with $1 billion plus Japanese eye care company, Topcon.

Highlights of the new strategic relationship include:

“We sought this alliance with Iridex to achieve significant benefits to our operating and distribution efforts. As leaders and innovators in advancing the treatment options for eyesight threatening diseases, we recognize a great opportunity to bring our strengths together,” said Fumio Ohue, Managing Executive Officer of Topcon’s Eye Care Business. “We are excited to bring Iridex’s retina and glaucoma therapy products to our expansive customer base throughout Asia Pacific and key Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. This alliance with Iridex is one of the major initiatives which Topcon will offer with our ‘Shared Care’ program. We are confident that combining our new product design and development efforts will enhance our existing and future products in both retina and glaucoma.”

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