Gatekeeper & The American Rescue Plan

Posted on April 23, 2021 by Aaron Warwick

This month we’ve seen a string of press releases from Gatekeeper Systems (GKPRF), a video and data solutions provider for public transportation and smart cities. First, GKPRF announced equipping a school bus fleet in Pekin, IL, with interior and stop arm video evidence recorders. This type of equipment, as detailed in the announcement, allows the buses to catch and automatically ticket motorists illegally passing a school bus stop arm. Although the nature of this contract was not announced, in many circumstances, GKPRF receives a variable amount of revenue per ticket issued.

The second announcement relates to GKPRF’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution being layered on top of another manufacturer’s video equipment. The GKPRF PaaS solution enables wireless mobile data collectors that record and analyze video, audio, GPS location and data on the school bus, and becomes the on-board intelligence platform for future applications such as passenger counting and contact tracing.

And then the most recent announcement was a win for the company’s new SaaS-based solution, an enterprise software solution that allows video data, recorded on-bus by wirelessly enabled mobile data collectors, to be stored and analyzed on the Company’s cloud-based servers. Using a secure log-in portal, users access intelligent video search software to view, analyze and extract video segments to assist in situations such as locating a missing child, or analyzing student and driver behavior. The software package is priced on a per-vehicle basis and invoiced quarterly in a SaaS-based recurring revenue model.

I believe the company is announcing these wins, in part, to show that they are already benefitting from the American Rescue Plan and the $130B in funding that will be going to K-12 public schools throughout the USA. Hundreds of school districts around the country have desired more robust solutions for school buses, such as GKPRF offers, but many lacked the funding–until now. I expect GKPRF to win not only new school districts, but to add on extra services for school districts they already service. In short, GKPRF will be one of likely many winners from the American Rescue Plan.

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Scott Shuda

Thanks for pulling all this together Aaron. I see good things in the company’s future, but it might take some bigger customer wins to get the attention of Mr. Market.

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