Vir Tra Making a PR Push

Posted on April 27, 2021 by Scott Shuda

Without a doubt, this is an appropriate time for Vir Tra Inc. to be making itself known to investors and potential customers. The Tempe, Arizona based company (VTSI) provides force and firearms training simulators for law enforcement, military, and commercial markets worldwide.

Here is a Phoenix Business Journal article highlighting 15 straight years of revenue growth. Like many other small cap companies, Vir Tra recently experienced a price spike, but unlike most of these, Vir Tra managed a PIPE transaction, taking advantage of the situation. The company issued 3 million shares at $6.00.

The stock has had some wild swings, but seems to have digested the recent raise and is trending upward.

Disclosure: I currently do not own any VTSI, but may buy or sell the shares at anytime.

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