Diamcor keeps executing

Posted on August 23, 2021 by Florian Buschek

It is no secret that Diamcor Mining $DMIFF $DMI.V is my largest position. I bought my first shares in December of 2020 after watching them at LD Micro and have gone really heavy after a lengthy chat with CEO Dean Taylor in May of this year. I have been covering the stock on the Breakout Investor Platform and anybody following me had the opportunity for handsome profits. My 10 Minutes with Scott gives you a quick intro and I will especially remind you about the model I shared here. Below I’d like to offer a slightly updated model with mainly improved price assumptions as has recently been demonstrated.

Short term scenario modelling for DMIFF
Longer term scenario modelling for DMIFF with wider uncertainties.

We recently caught up with CEO Dean Taylor for an update on the company’s progress and questions from the community. Dean likes to talk about his business and in a way where he is not evasive or “talking around it”. No, he is just passionate and takes time to illuminate shareholders on his thinking behind the decisions he makes. I am also happy to share the updated slide deck with my readers. A few points:

Watch the video. The details Dean provides are worth it. Myself I could listen to Dean all day long and I am happy to be a shareholder. I have got diamond hands here as has the majority of the shareholder base including the convertible debt and warrant holders. No investment advice, but I think you should too.

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