Smith Micro Thumbs Up

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Scott Shuda

Breakout Investor, Aaron Warwick, has an important article on Smith Micro (SMSI) up this morning at Seeking Alpha. As Aaron details, investor impatience for news on contract wins with major carriers has been dogging the stock. Worried himself, Aaron went to work, and as discussed in his article, concludes that the company is on the verge of several big developments.

Smith Micro develops software as a service solutions for wireless carriers. Its products focus on family safety, with tools enabling parents to not only know where there children are, but also gain control over their internet experiences, whether in the home or away. A recent article highlighted the benefits of parents having the ability to disable their kid’s cell phones while that phone is in a moving car.

SMSI has long been one of the most followed names on Breakout Investors.

Here is Aaron’s post and member comments leading up to the Seeking Alpha article linked above.

Here is an earlier post pointing to the likelihood of major carrier wins.

Here is a recent podcast with Aaron and Mark Gomes discussing why Smith Micro is one of their favorite holdings.

Disclosure: I am long Smith Micro and might buy or sell shares or options at any time.

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