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Posted on January 11, 2022 by Scott Shuda

Join us on the Breakout Investor Platform (BIP) to discuss great investment opportunities in the energy space. In the Energy Room, we analyze the global energy transition underway, while keeping an eye on the underlying need for continued base load power from fossil fuels. We have many very bright people keeping any eye on nuclear, for example, the EU’s recent designation of nuclear as a Green energy source.

This recent article by CleanTechnica is an example of the information sources we share and analyze.

In 2022, we expect 46.1 gigawatts (GW) of new utility-scale electric generating capacity to be added to the U.S. power grid, according to our Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory. Almost half of the planned 2022 capacity additions are solar, followed by natural gas at 21% and wind at 17%.

Another 5% of the country’s planned electric capacity additions in 2022 will come from two new reactors at the Vogtle nuclear power plant in Georgia. One of these reactors, Unit 3, was expected to come online in 2021, but the unit’s planned start date was delayed until June 2022 to allow additional time for construction and testing.

Stay Ahead of the Curve in identifying and owning great companies with catalysts by joining our community. Membership and most of the content on BIP is free.

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