QIPT Analysts See Huge Upside in 2022

Posted on January 6, 2022 by Aaron Warwick

Following the company’s announcement of its most recent acquisition, several analysts of Quipt Home Medical (QIPT) have released new reports and updated price targets for the company. Based on these reports and price targets, it is clear these analysts have similar views on QIPT as many of our Breakout Investors; namely, that the company is significantly undervalued based on their current business, expected organic growth, and acquisition pipeline, as well as their current EOY ’22 guidance for revenue and EBITDA. Below are the respective price targets issued this week by analysts in both CAD and USD. The implied returns are based on the 1/6/22 closing price of $5.87 USD. 


Echelon: $11.25 CAD/$8.85 USD (implies 50% return)

Leede Jones Gable: $14.50 CAD/$11.40 USD (implies 90%+ return)

Beacon: $16.00 CAD/$12.55 USD (implies 110%+ return)

M Partners: $14.00 CAD/$11.00 USD (implies 85%+ return)


Year-to-date, QIPT shares are up 6% while most major indices are down. 


Disclosure: I am long QIPT and may buy or sell shares at any time. 


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