Breakout Investors Announce Launch of “Breakout Insider” Subscription Service

Posted on March 22, 2022 by Breakout Investors

Service brings Breakout Investors ticker rankings to the subscriber

Breakout Investors, a global network of retail investors, announced today that it has launched Breakout Insider, a premium subscription service, on its Breakout Investors Platform. BIP is a platform where members of the community gather in various Breakout Rooms organized around a Breakout Investor to discuss daily topics and develop extended research on the tickers covered in the room.

This initial version of Breakout Insider provides access to a Watchlist feature, a list of our tickers populated with the most recent rankings and value estimates from our Breakout Investors. The subscriber will also receive access to a recap tab in the breakout rooms where the tab is utilized and enjoy the platform ad free.

Breakout Investors has deployed an iterative approach to its platform from the very beginning and the Breakout Insider subscription is no exception. In the coming months, Breakout Investors will add community ticker rankings and breakout survey results with more features to follow.

The Breakout Insider subscription fee is $30/month, but for a limited time subscribers can lock in $20/month for 12 months while additional features are added. The subscriber can also select annual billing and receive 2 months free.

This discounted offer will expire by the end of June. To learn more, visit the Breakout Investor Platform (BIP) and click Subscribe or Contact Us.

Actual screen shot of DMIFF page within Watchlist feature.
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