Chris Forte’s Thoughts to Start the Day

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Breakout Investors

Tuesday, April 5: A few thoughts to start the day. . .My favorite title ever of a Breakout Investors research report is from Josh Ebben entitled, “BWLKF is a clear winner, am I right?” Pretty much gets to the point. Boardwalktech Software, with a tiny market cap of $23M, recently won a game changing contract with Citi. Josh goes on to explain in plain English what the company does and the significance of this contract. BWLKF, followed by Florian, is a great example of Breakout Investor teamwork. . . Perion Networks (PERI) was the Breakout Investor star for the day. PERI released strong prelim numbers and the stock closed +$3.63, +16%. PERI is an emerging player in adtech. . . Yesterday In CF Room we mentioned we were enamored with Assertio (ASRT). The company was first brought to my attention by Scott Shuda. It closed up 11% and hit a new 52w high. We are adding ASRT to the room watch list. Over the last three weeks it has climbed from $2.20 to $3.10. There’s much to like about this small, evolving pharm player. Look for an introductory post on the Feed soon. . . Around the Breakout Investor platform Clovis (CLVS) discussed in Aaron Neuhauser’s Healthcare/Biotech Room was up 9% as investors digest strong trial results. Aaron’s room has been ringing up low priced biotech winners. Check it out – the biotech industry is due for a rebound. . . Other BI movers: Lotto ticket Lightwave Logic (LWLG) +9%, AEHR +7%, QIPT +6% and SITM + 4%. TFFP had insider buying and some interesting price action. . . Christopher Hampton has an article on the Feed entitled, “The Role of Nuclear Power in the Ukraine War.” It’s a great read. . . “Vladimir Putin may not be aware of how bad his invasion is going because intelligence suggests his advisers misinformed him. Putin’s clearly a victim of his own pro-Russia propaganda. He doesn’t even know that Russia lost ‘Rocky IV.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT . . . Good luck to all.

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