Chris Forte’s Thoughts to Start the Day – RELL and DMIFF

Posted on April 8, 2022 by Scott Shuda

April 8: Tiger Woods isn’t the only one that staged a comeback yesterday. The markets overcame an early deficit to end in positive territory. Nonetheless there are plenty of skeptics. Bespoke reports bearish sentiment rose 13.9 percentage points which was the biggest one-week uptick since August 2019 and less than a quarter of respondents reported as bullish. . . Richardson Electronics (RELL) with a market cap of $169M yesterday reported a strong quarter. Every sector of the company is doing well, business is robust, and the backlog is strong and growing. Times have never been better for the 75 year old company. RELL is involved in power management and green energy in a big way. Electric locomotives, agriculture, wind turbines, and healthcare are contributing and setting them up for strong 2022 and 2023. However analysts and investors fretted over margins which sagged slightly due to freight costs and supply issues (which may be temporary) and the stock ended the day down slightly. I think investors are missing the big picture – I’m saying STRONG BUY for RELL. Scott Shuda originally introduced RELL to Breakout Investors so search the Feed. . .


Elsewhere on the Feed, Florian Buschek has a report that The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has come down hard on diamond mining company Alrosa as part of its latest sanctions involving Russia. This is bullish for diamond miner DMIFF. Diamond sales are hot this year and if you’re looking for a microcap play read up on Florian’s superb coverage of DMIFF which closed at .22 yesterday. . .


Biotech BCRX finished up almost 9% yesterday with over 6m shares traded. I’m long as BCRX has a bright future and is well covered by Ashleigh Day in his room. . .If the market has taken a toll on your budget consider trucking for Walmart. New truckers can earn $110k a year. That’s a lot of gas station hot dogs. . . Lee Cooperman on CNBC,. “In a bear market, he who loses least wins.” . . .Good luck to all.

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