Breakout Investors Announces Launch of “Breakout Elite” Subscription Service

Posted on May 5, 2022 by Breakout Investors

Service brings Exclusive Channels and Meetings with Certain Breakout Investors


Breakout Investors, a global network of retail investors, announced today that it has launched Breakout Elite, a premium subscription service, on its Breakout Investors Platform. BIP is a platform where members of the community gather in various Breakout Rooms organized around a Breakout Investor to discuss daily topics and develop extended research on the tickers covered in the room.


Breakout Elite provides all of the features of the Breakout Insider subscription, plus:

  • Exclusive access to a private Elite channel with all other Breakout Elite subscribers and Breakout Investors. This is where much of the early and ongoing research and analysis of the room tickers will be discussed.
  • Exclusive access to monthly video meetings with certain Breakout Investors who will host a monthly video call to discuss updates to their room tickers with you. You will be able to join as many of these calls as you like.


Breakout Investors has deployed an iterative approach to its platform from the very beginning and the Breakout Elite subscription gives the subscriber access to the latest new features in this approach. Breakout Investors plans to continue enhancing the value of its subscription services in the coming months.


The Breakout Elite subscription fee is $100/month. The subscriber can also select annual billing and receive 2 months free.


To learn more visit Breakout Investor Platform (BIP) and click Subscribe/Upgrade or Reply to this post.

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