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Posted on June 10, 2022 by Scott Shuda

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You want to be where you can see our troubles are all the same – that’s our GENERAL DISCUSSION ROOM.  

It’s where can find out about Geodrill, Aaron’s fantasy football team, market happenings, and why Scott thinks Ray Liotta was the best guest star ever on ER.  It’s our version of Cheers Bar. It’s the top of our funnel.  

Says our site architect and sommelier Scott Shuda, “This channel is intended as a general meetup place during the trading day. Intended to be the busiest spot on BIP, but also to have the greatest “River Effect.” The room can take you downstream to a specific place on the platform.   

Stop by –  I’ll buy you a beer and we’ll put it on Scott’s tab.  Cheers!

Trivia:  What is the title of the Cheers theme song? Answer below.

Aaron Warwick is out on Seeking Alpha with “Intrusion: New CEO Brings Credibility Back To The Company.”  Aaron says the new CEO has top notch credentials and the small cybersecurity company is at a transformative stage.  Check out INTZ.


*Gas rose 13 days in a row here in Illinois. Ugg.

*’Signet Jewelers Stock Surges Amid Strong Outlook’ reports BI member Alex Bailao on the Feed. That should be good news for diamond miner DMIFF.

*Good food news!  Wingstop is seeing ‘meaningful deflation’ in chicken wings, CEO says. “The price of wings last year hit $3.22 a pound, and we fast forward to today, and it’s $1.63,” he said on CNBC. He also credited big demand for breasts as tamping down wing costs. (Insert your own joke here. I don’t make the news, I just report it.)

*Must read: ‘Tiny Reactors Could Spark a ‘Nuclear Revolution on the Feed posted by Scott Shuda.  I mean it, read it. I’ll know if you don’t. Not really, just read it. 

*What would Norm and Cliff say?  Germany is experiencing a serious shortage of beer bottles. Glassmaking involves huge levels of expensive energy and Ukraine had been a big bottle exporter. 

*VHT the Healthcare ETF is a recession/inflation fighter according to Michael Fitzsimmons. It has a 10 year annual return of 15.8%.

Trivia answer: The Cheers song is `Where Everybody Knows Your Name’ sung by Gary Portnoy. It won an Emmy in the first season. 

“What are you up to Norm?” “My ideal weight. If I were 11 feet tall.” – NORM, Cheers. 

Good luck to all. Cheers! – Chris

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