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Posted on August 29, 2022 by Scott Shuda

Here’s a few helpful angles on Snipp Interactive. Don’t miss Florian’s recent Call with Management. What in the wide, wide world of sports do they do?

Smartphones have changed how consumers buy. 90% of phone users have used their phone while shopping in a retail store. 50% are using it for price comparison. Another 45% are using it to look up product information. The consumer, the brands, and the stores have an intimate and symbiotic relationship thanks to phones.

Shoppers use their phone to look for coupons and to check on freebies in their loyalty apps. Maybe if you buy one more dozen donuts here at Mel’s Donuts you’ll get a free coffee, not to mention diabetes.

The brands love connecting directly to their consumers too via emails, texts, and banners.

To be successful brands need to keep up with this technology and really take advantage of the instant gratification that smartphones deliver. This is when companies dial up Snipp Interactive.

Brands need to strategizing their rewards. The reward needs to be easy to redeem – if there too many hoops for the consumer to jump through in order to qualify for a reward, that’s a big turnoff. The same with registering receipts.

So keeping it simple and learning from the highly valuable information the consumer is giving the company is key. Snipp makes the complicated, messy mass of information and transactions simple. As each year passes Snipp gets bigger, better, and smarter about hooking up consumers and companies. It’s like for buying and selling stuff.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Snipp has gathered a growing list of Fortune 500 companies including Kellogg, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Nestle. They are profitable and debt free. Their clients are buying more services. 2021 sales were a record and Q1 2022 was very good.

Here’s some snippets of Snipp:
280M shares outstanding
• 40% owned by Snipp Insiders
• 9% owned by Bally’s Corporation (NYSE: BALY)
Market cap $49M
Debt free
70% revenue growth
55% margins
Share price: .176 SNIPF
Key words . . . “MarTech” and “Incentives”
*”The futures knew it, bonds knew it, and the dollar knew it. Once again, the only market living on an alternate planet was equities, which proves that paying attention to the landscape around you matters. Powell finally delivered a direct message. He made it clear that his remarks would be shorter and the message would be more direct. That it was. Very simply, rates still have further to rise, and once there, they will stay there for some time.”
Michael Kramer, Mott Capital
*This is how bad Friday was:
SARK, the Wicked Witch of the NASDAQ was up 6.5%. If only a house would fall on SARK . . .
*Turn down the thermostat mate: British household energy bills are set to rise 80 percent this fall, according to the government’s energy regulator. See Christopher Hampton’s room for more.
*Ten million viewers watched “Game of Thrones” spinoff
“House of the Dragon,” the biggest premier ever for an HBO series.
*Ahoy! Stephane Renaud introduces us to luxury catamaran maker
Catana Group, a French listed company that’s sports a growth outlook of 30+%, no debt, and yields 7%.
Florian Buschek posts a link to “King Coal,” an interesting discussion on an under covered topic in the energy world.
*NASA is launching a rocket to the moon today. The next planned stage is to return astronauts there.

The biggest problem with “adult films” is that they give young people a misconception as to how quickly the plumber will arrive, even in an emergency. – UNKNOWN

Good luck to all – Chris

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