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Posted on August 24, 2022 by Scott Shuda

In Monday’s post I asked if solar panels on home roofs were near a tipping point? I simply didn’t see many paneled roofs.

So what about Electric Vehicles (EVs)? I don’t see a lot of those either. What’s up with that?

On a recent episode of Business Breakdowns, Mark Tomasovic from Energize Ventures laid out the case for a historic TIPPING POINT in Electric Vehicle(EV) sales.

Only 1% of total cars on the road in America are electric. 7% of new cars sold in the US are EVs. What we’ve seen historically in other countries, for instance Norway. when a country reaches 5% adoption in new EV sales a tipping point occurs and SALES BECOME EXPONENTIAL. We believe today we’re at that tipping point.

“To put it in context in 2018 there were 12 car commercials during the Super Bowl. None were for EVs. This year there were 9 commercials that ran during the Super Bowl and 7 of the 9 were for EVs.

“So it’s still pretty early for EVs but we believe over the next five years growth rate for EVs will be a 40% CAGR and we’re going to 4X the number of EVs on the 2027 versus today.”

Ah, I see, so those EV sales are just revving up. I read that US EV sales up 78% YTD.

So who is selling all those cars? Tesla?

Tesla’s share is actually slipping. According to Phil Lebeau, their market share dropped but is still very strong. Sales in the US total 274,000, Sales were up 99% in the first half of the year. Tesla is scoring well in California and Texas.

US market share this year:
Tesla 71%
Hyundai 9%
Ford 6%
VW 4.4%
Others 9.2%

Where are the most EVs sold…
#1 California 35%
#2 Florida 8%
#3 New York 8%
#4 Texas 6.5%
(The model Y is built in Austin and sells well there)

So what about the rest of the world? In a survey of 18 countries 52% of those global buyers say they are committed to making their next car an EV.

So how do I make stacks of cash on this tipping point? EV makers, batteries, charging stations, semiconductors, power semiconductors (silicon carbide) and companies like Aehr Test (AEHR) that help produce these critical chips. There’s a MASSIVE race underway so pay attention – don’t get left in the dust.
*There was a
great call on the BI platform yesterday with the CEO of Snipp Interactive (SNIPF). If you missed it look for the link. “SNIPF is my No 1 position and the call today tells you why,” says Florian Buschek.
Josh Ebben sticks the landing posting “Harbor Diversified May See Upside On New Deal With American” by author Rational Expectations on Seeking Alpha. HRBR is another pick by Florian who has been piloting us on this pick for some time. “Harbor should have $2.82/share of liquid assets by next March and perhaps $5/share of value, almost double current trading levels” says the article.
*Not enough bull.
Bespoke Investment Group says bullish sentiment continued its recent run of increases hitting 33.3% this week – the highest level since the last week of 2021. “That 2022 is nearly 2/3 complete and we still haven’t seen a bullish reading over 33.3% tells you how negative investors have been this year.”
Beyond Air (XAIR) said on Tuesday the first patient had been treated in a Phase 1 study to assess the safety and immune biomarkers of ultra-high concentration nitric oxide (UNO) for the treatment of solid tumors. This is one of many pioneering uses of nitric oxide by the small company with a market cap of $299M. It closed the day up 10%.
*If you have $2.2B or more laying around, owner Arte Moreno might be selling the
Los Angeles Angels. Moreno bought the team for $180 million in 2003.
Paul Franke says buy iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV). He says sentiment is overly bearish and “U.S. money supply and Treasury debt increases fully support a major up-move in silver over the coming decade.”
Jim Van Meerten likes Clearfield (CLFD). It has “100% technical buy signals.” Search the Feed for Scott Shuda’s posts on the communications equipment company.
Paul Rieutort posts Harmonic (HLIT) and NAGRA are teaming on content protection for sports streaming with a watermarking-as-a-service offering. HLIT is covered in Steve Kraus’ room.

If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians. – WARREN BUFFETT

Good luck to all – Chris

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