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Posted on September 2, 2022 by Scott Shuda

Have you wondered what goes on during a live Elite Call? Recently Breakout Investor Florian Buschek held court and it was very well received. It was 80 minutes of company reviews and a Q&A discussion. Here’s a peek behind the curtain with small snippets of what Florian had to say. Check out Subscribe for more information on Elite Calls and other subscriber benefits.

Diamcor Mining (DMIFF): I think results there should be imminent. And I think those results should be a very nice catalyst for the stock. Other than that, it all depends in this quarter specifically about how they are dealing with getting power. Otherwise it is turning more and more into a 2023 story in my eyes. Apart from the two big stones. I don’t expect big fireworks from the second half of this year. But I think once the power issues are fixed we are off to the races . . .

BoardwalkTech (BWLKF): has done very, very well. From the low I think it’s up 3x or so which is really amazing. I think it is absolutely still worth being heavily allocated to BWLKF. I think you’re looking right now at a story where first of all, a lot of eyes are on it. I know several people who just started looking at it. They told me literally weeks ago, “Yeah, you can buy now and if they don’t do a raise you will be a hero. Otherwise you wait and you buy 3x higher.” That’s literally what very experienced people told me.

And funnily enough, that is exactly what happened. So you’re looking now at a Software as a Service growth story that will most likely have every single quarter be a beat and raise – that is literally their goal. And if you apply a very crude metric for SAAS revenue multiples I think you have immediate two times upside.

What I’m really looking at is the medium to long term. I am quite confident they will keep adding new customers, keep adding new business to old customers – “land and expand” and grow revenue in a double digit region for a very long time.

I think you have really an extremely capable management team, a scalable business model and it’s just a matter of time before the company will be taken out. If not it will provide us extremely strong returns even from today’s price, so I really, really like BWLKF at this price. It’s one of my top positions. I think you really should have a position right now . . .

Geodrill (GEODF): So earnings were really good. I have commented on the Breakout platform that they were extremely bullish. By every stretch of the imagination, I think my favorite quote might be that the demand situation is the strongest the CEO has ever seen in his career. And he’s been doing this for 30 years or so . . .

The typical bearish argument that metal prices and gold have pulled back and we’re going into recession and what-have-you – it all doesn’t matter. The company has much more work than they even have the drill rigs for . . . I mean, I could talk about how cheap the stock is and it’s at 2.5 times EBITDA and it should be more like four times and blah, blah, blah. We all know that. But I am really excited about a potential surprise that is building up for the next quarter. . .

Snip Interactive (SNIPF): We had the CEO present to us recently. It was a big success. He did a great job, gave us tons of information while being concise. Near term we should expect 55% gross margins and high double digit growth rates. This business is probably the one I’m most excited about. There is so much potential. They are extremely well positioned in the advertising space . . .

There was much, much more on each company Florian covers. Remember, the above is just a quick peek at each of Florian’s reviews. There was also a very generous and valuable Q&A where members could interact with Florian and get their specific questions answered.

So if you’ve wondered about becoming an Elite member these calls might be worth giving it a try. That’s my two cents.
*Kevin Crawford, who very carefully follows VirTra (VTSI) helps us see more with the story, “Microsoft Combat Goggles Win First US Army Approval for Delivery.” Kevin also posts “VirTra receives $9m in new federal orders (IRS & CBP) – per federal procurement website.
*Florian posts “The Future of Copper: Will the looming supply gap short-circuit the energy transition?”
*Scott Shuda gives a synopsis of “Raoul Pal: Ask Me Anything.”
*Bradley Steveson posts “Some very interesting stuff in the Dolphin filing today.” See his Feed post for DLPN.

*The chairman of the Russian company Lukoil died in a fall from a hospital window in Moscow — the latest in a series of deaths of businessmen tied to the energy industry. – NY Times
*70,622. That’s the new all time attendance record for a sporting event in Pittsburgh when Pitt hosted West Virginia yesterday in Acrisure Stadium. The event is known as the Backyard Brawl. Are you ready for some football? I am.

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend. – DOUG LARSEN

Good luck to all – Chris

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