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Breakout Investors

Breakout Investors is: Community, Content, and Collaboration. We are a global network of investors eager to share ideas and research as we seek to identify future Breakout Investments.

Breakout Investors is a social network and we do host chat rooms to discuss stocks. But we do this in a collaborative way, sharing content and analysis, in a respectful way. We do not treat investing as a game, and the concept of “diamond hands” does not exist on our platform.  We think of ourselves as stock detectives and investigative journalists, piecing together various parts of the puzzle that will help us to identify great small and microcap investment opportunities.  By working together, creating community, sharing content and collaborating on analysis, we believe we will be Ahead of the Curve in spotting future Breakout Investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breakout Investors (BOI) is a global community of investors sharing ideas and research about public, and mostly North American equities. 

Breakout Investors currently operates on two platforms.  The core platform is a web application (the Breakout Investor Platform, or “BIP”), you can read more about BIP here.  The second platform is this website, where leading members of the community share content publicly.

Much of the BOI content is free.  After registration and email authentication, new members can access BOI.  Different types of information are offered in these platforms, some of which is accessible to all members and some of which require special privileges or subscriptions. 

BIP is organized around the concept of “Breakout Rooms.”  These are communities with shared interests where it is easy to develop productive dialogs.  Each Breakout Room has a leader, a Breakout Investor, who selects the stocks that will be discussed in the room and sets the tone.

Each Breakout Investor is someone well-known and respected by members of the community.  Breakout Investors are very active in the community, serve as thought-leaders, and have the gravitas to take charge of a room and make sure everyone follows the rules.

Not a written set of rules, more of a culture.  There is no flaming or roasting, and no personal beefs are allowed.  If you can’t play nice, you will be booted from a Breakout Room and possibly the community.  The community platform cannot be used to arrange trades, plan activism, or to share material inside information.

Here on the Breakout Investors website, we post content from some of our leading members.  That content is just the tip of the iceberg, and those same thought leaders are posting similar content in much greater volume, and interacting with other members, on BIP.

BIP has a “Discuss” feature where members of each Breakout Room gather on a day-to-day basis.  These forums, organized around a Breakout Investor, discuss a handful of topics per room.  There are 5 to 10 stock tickers per room and generally around 100 member posts per day.  This is where community is created, trust is built, and where members stay current on daily new, events, and ideas.

BIP also hosts a “Research” feature where company analysis goes deeper.  Here, members and BOI staff post “nuggets” of information that deserve sustained attention and longer-term analysis.  For example, a recent Seeking Alpha article on a company discussed in a Breakout Room will result in a link to the article being posted in the Discuss tab.  That link will also be posted as a nugget in the Research tab, but that is likely to be only the start.  Once posted, the article is likely to be dissected, debated, and cross-referenced over a period of days or weeks. 

Participating in BOI’s Discuss forums is like reading a daily newspaper – the purpose is to stay on top of events and development, with that news flow replaced the next day is by a fresh set of content.  There’s discussion, but not much in the way of deep research.  BIP’s Research feature, where the nuggets can be found, is where true analysis occurs.  This is where you go deep, reviewing information dating back months and reengaging on past material developments, trying to use that information to better understand current and likely future events.  Breakout Investor members will, of course, highlight nuggets in discussion, and pull information posted in discussion into nuggets, but the two platforms serve different purposes – reading through discussion is like reading the daily paper, digging into nuggets is like doing library research.

BIP has a third tab, called Recap.   This is a collection of daily summaries of the content generated by the Breakout Investor Community.  Only the most committed members could keep up with the daily flow of content, and 24/7/365 is too much for anyone.  For those who would stress about missing something or for those relaxed enough to only care about the highlights, we have created the Daily Recaps. These posts, collated overnight, boil down what the Community did the prior day, and where you can go (platform, timestamp) to dig in further to what is most important to you.

Basic participation in the Breakout Investors Community requires no subscription.  You can post on the platforms and read discussion and research posts.  But you won’t see all of the content on the platforms.  Daily Recaps, content created by senior members of the Community (we call them “Pro-level”) and by BOI staff, is not visible to basic members.

There are two ways to access the hidden content.  The first is via paid subscription.  The second is by becoming a “Breakout Investor.”

There are three levels of Breakout Investor:

  1. The first level is someone recognized a material content creator.  You know who you are, and so do we.  If you post quality information on a daily basis and engage with the Community to improve the Community, we will be happy to reward you with a Breakout Investor badge and a free subscription.
  2. The second level is a Breakout Investor that hosts a Breakout Room. You should contact us to discuss this opportunity.
  3. The third level is a Public Breakout Investor – these are the people you see sharing content on our website at breakoutinvestors.com.

Yes.  Breakout Investors has staff that create content.  Many of these people are paid contractors, and we call them “Miners” – because they are working for BOI “mining” quality content.  Miners get free access to BOI content.  If you are interested in getting a free subscription in exchange for helping us research and post content, please contact us.

Breakout Investors offers ala carte subscriptions.

Level One:  Access to the Daily Recap for each Breakout Room, viewing privileges for Pro Research posts and Miner-generated content.  $30/month or $300/year. 

Level Two:  To come.

Level Three:  To come.

Click on this link which will take you to the Create Account section of BIP.  Once you have confirmed your email by representing the confirmation code we send you, you will enter the platform on your dashboard/workspace page.  There you will find links to the various Breakout Rooms.  After an initial period of trial access to premium content, you will be offered an option to subscribe.  

Please email us at admin@breakoutinvestors.com