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Scott Shuda on Breakout Investors

Scott Shuda

Breakout Investors Founder and chief strategist. Scott’s career highlights include working as a M&A and securities lawyer in New York City and Silicon Valley followed by two decades as a constructive activist focused on healthcare and technology stocks.

Scott focuses on the network, both developing and supporting new Breakout Investors and highlighting where research preceded material stock runs.

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Aaron Warwick on Breakout Investors

Aaron Warwick

Aaron is the original Breakout Investor, showing how it is done and inspiring creation of the network. Aaron develops Wall Street analyst level relationships with management teams and contributes regularly to Seeking Alpha.

Aaron focuses on his portfolio stocks, identifying developments and catalysts that will lead to future appreciation.

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Florian Buschek on Breakout Investors

Florian Buschek

Florian is the network’s MVP. No one competes with him in terms of content generation or breadth of interests. Whether it is a deep dive into a particular company or an esoteric discussion of valuation techniques, sharing an interest with Florian means engaging in a struggle to keep up.

Florian likes macro and international themes. He is German and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in London.

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Brad Steveson on Breakout Investors

Brad Steveson

Brad is one of the community’s most creative thinkers – only Aaron competes with him in spotting new companies worthy of attention.

Brad likes small emerging names with big business potential, particularly when they are on the verge of crossing over from money-losing to profit making. This makes Brad one of the chief financial model makers in the network.

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Steve Kraus on Breakout Investors

Steve Kraus

Steve is the community’s chief intellectual, meaning he is usually the only one that can keep up with Florian on the more esoteric topics.

Steve writes on big themes, including crypto currencies, ESG, and corporate lifecycles.

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Ashleigh Day on Breakout Investors

Ashleigh Day

Ashleigh seeks out disruptive companies with explosive growth potential as well as fundamentally undervalued companies at or nearing inflection points in their business.

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