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The Latino population is steadily becoming a larger part of the US economy. Latinos are now 19% of this country’s population and they are young. Latinos account for 25% of American youths.

Despite a wage gap for Latinos compared to non-Latino whites, if Latinos here were a country their GDP would be the fifth largest in the world. That’s up from eighth at the start of 2020. That GDP is larger than that of the UK, India, France, and India.

According to an NBC News published report, “This proves that our country’s biggest growth opportunity lies in our U.S. Latino cohort,” said Sol Trujillo, a co-founder and the chairman of the board of the Latino Donor Collaborative. “We’re talking about not just population growth and workforce growth, but also economic growth in terms of wealth creation, businesses formed, homes purchased, products purchased, movie tickets and sports tickets bought, streaming subscriptions, you name it.”

I’d like to highlight a few related Breakout Investor companies . . .

Entravision (EVC: NYSE) is a small, under followed Spanish language programming powerhouse with both traditional and newer DIGITAL assets that are growing rapidly. Targeting the fast growing Hispanic population in the US, EVC has over 50 TV stations in prime markets and 48 radio stations. It also has important deals with Meta, Tik Tok, Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Volaris (VLRS) is a fast growing discount airline that aims to dominate the markets of Mexico and LatAm. Volaris offers flights from the US to cities in Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Travelers can connect from Los Angeles (LAX), Dallas (DFW), New York (JFK), Denver (DEN), and Oakland (OAK) and others.

Tangentially, the LatAm market is also growing. Harmonic (HLIT) just announced a significant agreement with DIRECTV GO that spiked the stock. “Latin America is the second fastest-growing streaming market in the world, and we’re excited to help DIRECTV GO unlock the power of the cloud while delivering video content to more screens.”
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Paul Rieutort adds some amazing, insightful comments under the HLIT Investor Day Presentation Slides. Check out the great info.
The pound hit a 37 year low against the dollar
*On Friday there were
150 new 52 week lows in the S&P 500
*Low energy:
XLE Energy SPDR ETF was down a whopping 7%. XOP down 8%, Chevron (CVX) down 6.5% Devon Energy (DVN) down 8.6%
*The bottom of a bear market only appears as a glorious opportunity with hindsight, at the time it will feel like the worst possible moment to invest. –
Joe Wiggins@BehaviouralJoe
*Scott knows the score: He posts the
September 2022 Power Rankings for the Top Ten positions as determined by the Wisdom of the Crowd surveys of the Breakout Investor Community. As has always been the case, SMSI is the standout leader with 70% of the community holding – of those holding, nearly 40% reporting that they are overweight the name. Second and third are QIPT and TPCS.

“Good luck to Mike Lindell. I’m not sure you want to go to jail being known as the MyPillow guy.” — JIMMY FALLON

Good luck to all – Chris

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