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Florian Buschek

Florian is from a small rural village in Bavaria, Germany. He earned his MSc in physics from the TU Munich and is currently doing a PhD in Additive Manufacturing of metals in Sheffield UK. Investing is his self taught hobby and passion. His knowledge comes from books, the lectures of Aswath Damodaran and studying the great investors. He focuses on small caps and always appreciates discussing stocks and investing generally. (Macro-) Economics and monetary policy are also of great interest to him.

Contributor since: 2020 My Breakout Room

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  • $ EVLLF
  • $ PFMT
  • $ AACTF
  • $ VTSI
  • $ ILATF
  • $ STTDF
  • $ VMRSF
  • $ GLAFT
  • $ UBMRF
  • $ DMIFF
  • $ MEDXF
  • $ SGBX
  • $ MOGO
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Diamcor keeps executing

It is no secret that Diamcor Mining $DMIFF $DMI.V is my largest position. I bought my first shares in December of 2020 after watching them

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Lifetime Earnings

Interesting paper from Sanjeev Bhojraj and Ashish Ochani. Using realized earnings over long periods of time, we investigate errors in earnings expectations impliedby stock prices

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Gaia On Fire

Gaia (disclosure: long) reported earnings today and they were spot on. It is really an easy story actually. You got a highly scalable recurring niche

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