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Erik Voorhees: Bitcoin To Change the Whole Financial System

This is the second of two podcasts that I am focusing on (first one is here) because they significantly helped me to better understand the rise of crypto. Here’s a link to the podcast. Below are my notes on the highlights: A lot of people still in crypto for superficial purposes, e.g., making money Best […]

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Vijay Boyapati: The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Until fairly recently, I have been a Bitcoin skeptic. I’ve no philosophical problem, it’s purely economic. Something conjured up out of nowhere can easily disappear into nothing. China doesn’t like it, no authoritarian state will like it, and at some point, no state at all possibly — as the principle idea is sidestepping government controls. […]

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Bitcoin on the Balance Sheet?

Since a few companies have now Bitcoin on their balance sheets and one particular individuum with criminal background has decided to lever his company up to buy an ultra volatile asset (if that sounds bad, well…) here are two good sources on the accounting treatment. It is completely un-intuitive and depending on GAAP or IFRS […]

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