Chris Forte’s “Thoughts to Start the Day” – GDLLF, INTZ

are You Locked In or Out? Moody’s Analystics Mark Zandi had a lot to say about housing and inflation in a direct and simple way. “There will be no crash like the 2008 bubble. First pf all there’s a severe shortage of homes for sale. Vacancies for sale or rent are at record lows, the […]

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Chris Forte’s “Thoughts to Start the Day” – DLPN, HYRE, GDLLF

Josh Ebben, Breakout Investors’ indispensable human Swiss Army Knife, was kind enough to post for us, “Dolphin Entertainment: A High Risk But Higher Reward Bet” written by Florian Buschek and published on Seeking Alpha yesterday. *DLPN has made a roundtrip from the $3s to the $30s and back to the $3s. *There are several issues […]

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Announcing Call with Management of Geodrill

Please join the Breakout Investor community for a Call with Management – Geodrill (GEO/ GDLLF). Wednesday March 9, 2021 at 3:00 CDTClick here to Join the Zoom Event To submit questions and participate in live discussion join the Breakout Investor Platform (BIP), located at and on our mobile apps. Registration is required. Access to this event and most of […]

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