I’ve been asked several times over the last week whether WSB is “a group” under Federal securities law. I don’t think that it is. This is because I do not believe WSB is “acting in concert” anymore than would be the clients of an investment advisor that all go out and buy a recommended name. […]

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Must Watch Video

I had heard of Chamath Palihapitiya before, but I had never before heard him speak or been exposed to his perspective. He’s on my radar now, and I believe this guy has a big future. He established himself as a champion today – a champion of the underdog, the retail investor, those that believe the […]

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That Was a Short Run

Melvin Capital founder Gabriel (Gabe) Plotkin is a former portfolio manager who worked for Steven Cohen (then SAC Capital Management). According to the Wall Street Journal, the fund lost 30% in just the first three weeks of 2021. The hedge fund started 2021 with US$ 12.5 billion in assets under management. Crushed by short positions […]

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