Start of the Day with Chris Forte – Latinos

The Latino population is steadily becoming a larger part of the US economy. Latinos are now 19% of this country’s population and they are young. Latinos account for 25% of American youths. Despite a wage gap for Latinos compared to non-Latino whites, if Latinos here were a country their GDP would be the fifth largest […]

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Interest Rates

Start of the Day with Chris Forte – Fed Rates

I’ve good bad news, good news, and more bad news. The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates this year. That’s bad news if you want to borrow money for a house or business or carry a credit card balance. The good news is that should help use earn more on our savings accounts. That […]

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Start of the Day with Chris Forte – SNIPF

In Monday’s post I asked if solar panels on home roofs were near a tipping point? I simply didn’t see many paneled roofs. So what about Electric Vehicles (EVs)? I don’t see a lot of those either. What’s up with that? On a recent episode of Business Breakdowns, Mark Tomasovic from Energize Ventures laid out […]

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Start of the Day with Chris Forte – HLIT

The Small Cap Technology Grand Slam: Four winners on the way up, SILC, HLIT, BELFB, and RELL – Part 2 Well that didn’t take long. Before we could get to our second tech slammer it stepped up to the plate and hit one into the bleachers. Harmonic (HLIT, $10.85, market cap $1.1B) reported Q2 after […]

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Coins Market Wealth Currency Metal  - 12995263 / Pixabay

Start of the Day with Chris Forte – 100 baggers

The book “100 Baggers: Stocks that Return 100-to-1 and How to Find Them” by Christopher Mayer is chocked full of sage advice. Peter Lynch made the term “10 bagger” famous. It’s an investment that returns 10 times its initial purchase price, or 1000%. As great as a 10 bagger is there has been even bigger […]

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Chris Forte’s “Thoughts to Start the Day” – HLIT

Did you watch TV lately? There’s a lot of gadgetry and magic behind the scenes needed to make content appear on that new 51” flat screen you lugged home from Best Buy. Harmonic Inc (HLIT, $8.62) makes the magic happen and in an increasingly big way. The company checked in with a strong Q1 on […]

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Chris Forte’s “Thoughts to Start the Day” – HLIT, BIP

May 3: A few thoughts to start the day. . . Like Costco shoppers circling the $1.50 hot dog combo cart, bargain shoppers showed up late in the session to stage a sharp reversal. The Dow and Nasdaq finished in positive territory. The S&P rebounded after hitting a new yearly low. Buyers dusted off their […]

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Harmonic – Great Time To Go Long this Video Delivery Infrastructure Company?

The Breakout Community has recently discovered Harmonic (HLIT), a $900 million market cap video delivery software and solutions provider.  The idea was introduced to the community by Rob Spivey of Altimetry Research. Altimetry is a investment research firm focused on giving cleaned up accounting analytics, and investment ideas, to individual investors. Altimetry is powered by Valens Research, […]

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