Chris Forte’s “Thoughts to Start the Day” – TGIF

If you’re ready to tee it up this weekend with your buddies and put $10 on the line playing Nassau, Skins, or Wolf, or maybe the honor of buying drinks afterwards think about this. . . Star golfer Dustin Johnson is being paid $125 million to join the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf league. $125 million dollars. […]

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Chris Forte’s “Thoughts To Start the Day” – Oil and Refining

Do we have enough oil in the world? Yep. So what’s the problem?  There’s a bottleneck at the refinery level.    A barrel of crude has to be refined into gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.  That takes massive refinery plants.  Heard of “Crack Spread”?  It’s the difference between gas and diesel prices and cost of […]

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Pumpjack Oil Well Field Landscape  - simon94 / Pixabay

Chris Forte’s Thoughts to Start the Day – Energy

Wednesday, April 6 – A few thoughts to start the day. . .Remember the Seinfeld storyline “Even Steven” where Jerry kept breaking even? Yesterday our Monday winners seemed to retreat about the same that they had gained the day before. That’s how it goes lately. Which reminds me, you know what I often wonder? How […]

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