10 Truths About the Stock Market

This list of wisdom comes courtesy of TIKR. My favorite is #3 “Don’t ever expect average.” At some point in your life, you probably heard that the stock market generates about 10% annual returns on average. While that may be true in the long run, the market rarely delivers an average return in a given year. Check […]

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Bubble? Or New Uptrend?

If you’re like me, you’ve heard lots of fellow investors speaking recently about how the stock market is currently “in a bubble.” Well, perhaps that’s because, according to JC Parets at All Star Charts, a recent E-Trade StreetWise survey revealed 66% of investors believe the market is in bubble territory. And another 25% think the […]

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Charlie McElligott On Duration & Secular Growth Trades

Excellent interview with Charlie McElligott, Managing Director, Cross-Asset Macro Strategy at Nomura. He knows positioning, flows, sentiment and quant factors as well as nobody else and is famous for his calls on the gamma flip. That is the point where the options dealer community is positioned such that their hedging trades change in sign from […]

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