Start of the Day with Chris Forte – TGLS

“A reputation is like a pane of glass, once it’s broken it can’t be fixed.” I’ve often pondered this great saying. There’s a lot of truth in it. When I say “Bill Clinton” do you think of his overall good presidency or do you think “Monica Lewinsky”? What’s this got to do with investing? Coincidentally […]

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Chris Forte’s Thoughts to Start the Day – XAIR, TGLS, INMB

April 26: A few thoughts to start the day. . . J.P. Morgan’s strategist Marko Kolanovic said yesterday, “We see risks skewed toward a near-term equity rally given weak investor sentiment, low positioning, systematic strategy buying, seasonality, and oversold conditions.” This is one of those “gut check” times for microcap investors as the landscape is […]

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Justice Law Court Judge Judgment  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Interesting Article about Investigation into Short Sellers

A Bloomberg article dated December 10, 2021 is read in the YouTube channel of Stocks Galore. I’ve not seen this way of sharing content before, and am unsure about the legality of such approach, but the content is good and readily accessible. The article details how the Department of Justice is investigating potential market manipulation […]

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