Start of the Day with Chris Forte – Latinos

The Latino population is steadily becoming a larger part of the US economy. Latinos are now 19% of this country’s population and they are young. Latinos account for 25% of American youths. Despite a wage gap for Latinos compared to non-Latino whites, if Latinos here were a country their GDP would be the fifth largest […]

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Start of the Day with Chris Forte

Chris Verrone of Strategas had a lot to say in this column a few days ago about market leadership. In particular he pointed towards the Energy Sector as fertile ground to hunt for market leaders. He also had a few words to say about the Technology Sector. . . “In terms of performance and leadership, […]

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Chris Forte’s Thoughts to Start the Day – VLRS, RADA, QCCUF

April 21: A few thoughts to start the day. . .Now that tax day has passed, what’s the one thing you can count on besides, you know, death? People are going to travel in 2022 in a big way – you can book that. Yesterday United Airlines forecasted a Q2 profit and record revenues on […]

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